Air Testing In Chennai

Air quality has become a topic of big concern in the recent times. But it’s not only the air outside that is a cause of concern.
Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) is also extremely important for our good health. Apart from IAQ, the Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) also needs to be tested for ensuring that the air you breathe is safe.

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Why do you need Air Testing?

A healthy workplace must have proper ventilation, humidity and air conditioning systems which are suitable for the people working in the premises.
With increasing reports of poor Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) and Ambient Air Quality (AAQ), air testing has become very critical in Chennai. More organizations are opting for Air Monitoring Services to ensure that the air their employees breathe is safe and healthy.


Air Testing air testing Air Testing Air Testing

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“18 Point IAQ Safety Compliance Checklist”

Are you unsure how to go about testing the Indoor Air Quality of your workplace or home?

Use this checklist to determine whether your workplace or home is complying with the air quality standards.



Maintain healthy ambience for your home and office

Air quality in Chennai has been deteriorating due to heavy deforestation and industrialization.Poor quality of air results in a number of diseases  such as coronary artery disease,asthma, emphysema, bronchitis etc. Thus, it is important to ensure the ambient air quality and indoor air quality is maintained as per international standards.
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